Taiji Gongfu Fan

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Full Form


Section One

1. Commencing Form
2. Diagonal Flying
3. White Crane Flashes Wings
4. Yellow Bee Enters Cave
5. Immortal Searches the Sea
6. Golden Rooster Stands
7. Power Splits Hua Mountain
8. Spirit Cat Captures Butterfly
9. Sit On Horse

Section Two


10. Part the Wild Horses Mane
11. Sparrow Perches
12. Yellow Bee Enters Cave
13. Enraged Tiger Couches
14. Mantis Catches Cicada
15. Rein In Horse, Turn Head
16. Sparrow Turns Over Body
17. Sit On Horse

Section Three

18. Raise Center , Push Mountain
19. Spirit Dragon Turns Head
20. A Whip Trains Horse
21. Standing Horse Flail Whip
22. Rings Embrace the Moon
23. Drafty Wind Lifts Coat
24. Turning Flower Dance
25. Rebel General Flails Weapon
26. Embrace the Fan, Encircle the Gate

Section Four

27. Part the Wild Horses mane
28. Sparrow Perches
29. Yellow Bee Enters Cave
30. Enraged Tiger Crouches
31. Mantis Catches Cicada
32. Rein In Horse, Turn Head
33. Sparrow Turns Over Body
34. Sit On Horse

Section Five

35. Smooth Elbowing
36. Wrap Firecrackers
37. Forward Beckon Form
38. Double Stamp
39. Dragon and Tiger Intertwine
40. Jade Girl Works Shuttles
41. Heavenly Girl Fans Flowers
42. Rebel General Flails Weapon
43. Curved Steps Around the Gate

Section Six

44. Seven Stars Hand
45. Lazily Tuck in Robes
46. Drag and Press
47. Shu Qin Carries Sword on Back
48. Brush Knee Push
49. Low Single Whip
50. Wan Gong Thrust Sword
51. White Crane Flashes Wings
52. Conclusion

Full Form