Sun Arthritis Form

This form is very simple and easy to learn with practice. It is a great beginner form. It is also good for pain relief, and was created by Paul Lam, MD, specifically for arthritis and lower back pain relief.  An article about the use of taiji for pain relief can be found here. Other studies on the benefits of Taijiquan for Arthritis are here, here, and here.

Thanks fo David Beals for the form video recorded at World Tai Chi and Qigong Day in Williamsburg, VA at Quarterpath Recreation Center in 2013..

You can find Dr. Lam’s videos and books at More information about taijiquan and qigong for arthritis is at

I sometimes refer to this as the “ambidextrous form” since you do each movement (except commencement and closing) in mirror image, so it is balanced left and right. You can start a section going left or right. You can do the sections out of order. You can vary the form and keep it interesting and challenging, and in doing so, continue to improve your form. In class we almost always start the second section going to the right to keep it consistent with starting right in the third. Start left or right. Create the form to be your own and adapt it to your body. As you progress, so will your form.

First find your posture and balance.


Verbal Cues for Taijiquan for Arthritis


Movements – List of movements in .PDF format  download

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1. Commencement form
2. Open and close
3. Single whip – right
4. Wave hands like clouds – three times to the right
5. Open and close
6. Single whip – left
7. Wave hands like clouds – three times to the left
8. Open and close
9. Brush knee – left
10. Play the lute
11. Parry and punch
12. Apparently closing
13. Push the mountain
14. Open and close
15. Brush knee – right
16. Play the lute
17. Parry and punch
18. Apparently closing
19. Push the mountain
20. Open and close
21. Brush knee – right
22. Leisurely tie coat
23. Open and close
24. Single whip – left
25. Punch under elbow
26. Repulse monkey – left
27. Repulse monkey – right
28. Brush knee – left
29. Leisurely tie coat
30. Open and close
31. Brush knee – left
32. Leisurely tie coat
33. Open and close
34. Single whip – right
35. Punch under elbow
36. Repulse monkey – right
37. Repulse monkey –left
38. Brush knee – right
39. Leisurely tie coat
40. Open and close
41. Closing


At World Taiji and Qigong Day  2013 at Quarterpath Recreation Center in Williamsburg, VA


Below is a free first lesson for Tai Chi for Arthritis by the creator of the form, Dr. Paul Lam. You can purchase his instructional videos at Tai Chi Productions.