Seated Qigong

Based on the warmup developed by Paul Lam

  • Set your posture, balance and breathing seated in a chair
  • Neck – Opening – raise your arms to shoulder level, then push back towards your head raising the back of your head a little more and tucking your chin a little more, then return to center
  • Neck – Raise your arms to shoulder height, adjust one arm so the hand’s laogong point lines up with the upper dantien. Rotate to that side 70% of your range of motion moving only the arm and head, alternate sides
  • Neck – Easy neck roll. Do not push down or force and move across the center line. Do not look up.
  • Shoulders – Shoulder rolls forward taking it easy on your rotator cuffs
  • Shoulders – Reverse shoulder rolls taking it easy on your rotator cuffs
  • Shoulders – Sinking the qi – arms rise out to the sides and up and press down to the center
  • Elbows – Arms raised to shoulder level, the hands move towards and away always keeping some bend in the elbow. Let your arms gently lengthen as you move the hands away. Never fully compress or extend your arms. There should always be softness in the joints
  • Wrists – Let the hands gently bend towards and away from you, then towards and away from each other, then rotate first one way and then the other way
  • Fingers – Gentle fists at your hips, extend the arm to punch keeping softness in the elbow. Open the hand, rotate, gently close your fist and return the fist to your hip
  • Back – Hold the ball and the upper hand presses down as the lower hand presses upwards then back to center
  • Back – Moving only from the hips up, rotate on the center axis from one hip to the other rotating the hands as you do so while keeping the laogong points lined up
  • Hip – Extend the arms a bit behind as the knee rises, then the hands go forward as you lower your leg
  • Hip – Press the hands to one side and extend the knee gently to the other side
  • Knee – Kick leading with the heel while punching with the opposite hand
  • Knee – Kick leading with the toe while punching with the opposite hand
  • Ankle – Touch heel and toe (or forefoot) to the floor
  • Ankle – Touch the outside and inside of the foot as close to the same spot on the floor as possible
  • Balance everything by sinking your qi