About Finding the Dao of Flow


Stan Rockwell

Stan Rockwell practicing Sun style taijiquan

The “flow state” is also known as the “zone.” When you are “in the zone” you are totally immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of whatever it is you are doing. It is as though time ceases and the activity almost does itself. You are completely in the moment, a state of oneness. There is a similar concept in Chinese philosophy called “wu wei” or “effortless effort.”

Dao, or The Way, is an ancient Chinese philosophy originating with Laozi and the Dao De Jing.  It comes from nature and focuses on living in harmony with yourself and all that surrounds you. We are all One. Daoism is also sometimes referred to as the “watercourse way.”

Finding the Dao of Flow is designed to help you find balance in your life using Eastern and Western methods drawn from Daoist philosophy and Western sports psychology.  We use taijiquan, an internal Chinese martial art that integrates mind and body, and qigong, which is sometimes called Daoist yoga. “Qi” is the life energy in Chinese medicine and “gong” means work, so qigong is energy work. Taijiquan translates as “supreme ultimate fist.” Every movement has a philosophical meaning, a martial intention, and a health application. These days it is primarily used to improve and maintain physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. It is also sometimes referred to as a mindful moving meditation.

My lineage is: Yang, Chenfu – Jiang, Yukun – Zhu, Lianfang – Cheng, Xianhao (who currently teaches in Philadelphia and has a blog at TheInternalArts.com)William Hansell . I have also studied with Dr. Jwang Jing-Ming and other teachers. I am certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute. I have studied taijiquan since 2000 with my teacher, Bill Hansell. I am a member of the Tai Chi for Health Community, the National Qigong Association, the Tai Chi for Health Institute, and the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association.